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[Work of a videographer Takashi Tadokoro]

Nation's 1st
Projection mapping on ice statues.

Projection mapping on Tokyo station building and Sapporo Ice Festival's ice statues were highly reputed. Project mapping on ice in "53rd Monbetsu Ryuhyo Festival" was performed in Feb. 7 & 8 as nation's first attempt.

The ice castle was replica of Chakri Maha Prasat Hall - Grand Palace in Thailand. It was 21m width and 10m tall, made with 5200 ice polls. They has only one month to create everything from the scratch; 10days each for designing, editing and MA.
Despite of tight schedule, projection time was longer than usual.
"We set 10 minutes for projection for those who bother to came in bitter cold climate just see our work."

Projection mapping on ice at night in open field required highly sophisticated level of technique.
"We needed to keep changing small details and operation until the last minute. The reflection and focus in such particular environment are different than more normal situation."

■ Project mapping of 700 hundreds fish draw by local children

KIDS ART SEA ADVENTURE" is the art project and the adventure story that hundreds of fish draw by local children in Monbetsu City swim like real fish, moving their fins and tails. Some part of BGM The images were edited and processed with "Flame Premium" in ZERONOX, the video editing studio of EXFREA.

"The more detailed pictures were required as backgrounds. They liked our work very much."
During 4 projection mapping sessions, 1300 ~14oo people came for each session. Many medias such as TV and Internet sites introduced the event as something truly stands for Monbetsu, a city well-known for floating ice.

Although the strong light is required in darkness, it would be diffused on ice. We adjusted the line of images would be perfectly match on that of ice palace. Since the ice castle got compressed by its own weight as time passed, we needed to make small adjustment constantly. It was a great experience for us."

The screen was this gigantic ice statue.

3D model picture

Garinko: the icebreaker on the Sea of Okhotsk

Ice castle with fanciful images.